Lyndia Grant is an experienced keynote speaker, radio host with Radio One, a major special events manager, syndicated newspaper columnist and author. She has been speaking and working in public relations nationally and throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for more than 30 years.   When you hire Lyndia, you will see why a group of executives came to her office in Washington, DC to convince her to go on a speaking tour for Coca-Cola!





Washington Post Columnist, Courtland Milloy wrote: “Lyndia Grant realizes she is working for the future, not just for today.”

 - Tayloria Jordan, Retired Program Manager, DC Department of Human Services said:  If you want truth, wisdom, reality, commitment, compassion, inspiration and good faith to help you meet the challenges of today and move forward, then the lady you need to meet and hear is Lyndia Grant.  Regardless to your social, economical or educational level, Lyndia has something very powerful to share with you. I consider myself blessed to know her

Serving as the special guest speaker for job fairs, workshops, conferences and training programs held by DC Department of Health, Lyndia gave of her time and talent to speak to welfare recipients on a number of occasions.  At Gallaudet College, trainings held at the Health Department and at The Washington Convention Center; each time we invited Lyndia, she delivered!

Speaking with enthusiasm, confidence and excitement, for those clients who heard her, self-assurance filled the room.  The first time many of them felt they could change the paths of their lives.  For others it was just what they needed!  High school graduates were inspired to go on to college.  Others signed up for new training programs and received certifications for careers as opposed to only having a job.  Thank you Lyndia Grant!

  Trinity Washington University told Lyndia as she concluded her college degree, Sister Mary Hayes said... “Although you applied for three college credits for your life experience work as you served in your role of project director of the African American Civil War Memorial, the entire department agreed that you proved your work without a shadow of doubt, in fact, we all agreed that you deserved four points for a job well done!”

Here are just a few companies that have selected Lyndia as their guest speaker!!!

- U. S. Department of Commerce – Mandatory Customer Service Training

- Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD - Customer Service

- U. S. Defense Department. Staten Island, New York, Black History Month

- U. S. Defense Department, Virginia – Health & Fitness

- U. S. Virgin Islands – Governor Vargrave Richards, the
Island of St. Croix; Commorant Beach Club - Customer Service

- The Bottle Bill, Speaker hired by Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola to speak throughout Washington, DC

- D. C. Public Schools, Garnet-Paterson Middle School,

- Garrison Elementary School, Washington, D. C.,

- McKinley Technical Senior High School

-  Shiloh Baptist Church, Washington, D. C.

- San Francisco’s National Council of Negro Women’s Annual Retreat, at
the invitation of San Francisco Supervisor Willie B. Kennedy.

- African American Civil War Memorial, Arlington Amphitheater, Emcee

- Statuary Hall, U. S. Capitol, Washington, D. C.

- Arlington National Cemetery, Amphitheater, Arlington, Va

- Mississippi State University, Jackson, Miss.

- KentuckyState University, Kentucky

- Boston State House, Mass

- Association for the Study of African American Life & History,
Orlando, Florida, National Convention

- Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. – National Convention,
Orlando, Florida

 - Lewis College of Business, Detroit, Michigan

- U.S. Treasury Department, Bureau of Engraving & Printing

- Charles Drew Elementary School, Silver Spring Md

- Gaithersburg High School, Gaithersburg, MD, Career Day

- Northwood High School, Silver Spring, MD, Career Day

- Mount Jezreel Baptist Church, Silver Spring, MD, Black History Month

- All Nations Baptist Church, Washington, DC, Black History Month

- CSPAN, African American Civil War Memorial, MLK Holiday Celebration

- CSPAN, African American Civil War Memorial, Unveiling of National Monument

- Fox Morning News with Tony Perkins, Georgia Avenue Day Parade

- News Channel 8, Georgia Avenue Day Parade

- 4th District Police Precinct, Community Meeting, Planning Meeting

- Berean Baptist Church, Washington, DC, Georgia Avenue Day

- Matthews Baptist Church, Washington, DC, Health & Fitness for Sunday School

- Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, Washington, DC - Health Fair Speaker

- The Mill, Baltimore, Maryland - Health Fair Host & Guest Speaker

- Howard University, Washington, DC, Blackburn Center, ASALH

- Georgia Avenue Day Gala Dinner, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Host & Emcee

- Georgia Avenue Day Gala Dinner, Washington Convention Center, Host & Emcee

- Georgia Avenue Day Gala Dinner, Howard Inn, Poolside Reception, Host & Emcee

- Lewis College of Business, Detroit, Michigan, Honoree

- Greektown Marriott for Lewis College of Business, Detroit, Emcee

- The Roostertail, Detroit, Michigan, Emcee

- Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. National Convention, Washington, DC, Host & Emcee

- Kellogg After-School Leadership Training at McKinley Tech, Washington, DC, 6-Week After School Training

- DC Department of Employment Services, Job Training Program, Washington, DC

- JTPA DC Department of Employment Services, Graduation, Guest Speaker

- Lincoln Theater, Washington, DC, Fundraiser for African American Civil War Memorial

- Gettysburg College, Keynote Speaker for MLK Holiday

- University of Maryland at College Park, Keynote Speaker for Black History Month

- Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Marriott Hotel, Beltsville, Maryland, Prayer Breakfast